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Type Journal Article - Indian Journal of Tuberculosis
Title Tuberculosis management in private practice and its implications
Volume 43
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1996
Page numbers 19-22
This study of 81 rural and 96 urban private medical practitioners, which included 67 allopaths and 110 non-allopaths, was conducted to understand how patients of lung tuberculosis are diagnosed and treated in their clinics as well as their interactions with and perceptions regarding the public health services available for tuberculosis control. A majority of private doctors gave little importance to sputum examination and considered X-ray of the chest as the single most important diagnostic test for lung tuberculosis. They were neither aware of nor employed inexpensive standard regimens for treating their patients. While all private doctors used short course chemotherapy in the treatment of lung tuberculosis, few recommended under the NTP. Private doctors were aware of but sceptial about tuberculosis treatment available at public health facilities.
Mukund W Uplekar, SK Juvekar , SD Parande , DB Dalal, , SS Khanvilkar , AS Vadair , and SG Rangan. "Tuberculosis management in private practice and its implications." Indian Journal of Tuberculosis (1996).
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