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Type Journal Article - European Respiratory Journal
Title Characterisation of biomass particulates from rural India
Volume 44
Issue Suppl 58
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 0-0
URL https://erj.ersjournals.com/content/44/Suppl_58/P1096.short
Particulate matter pollutants arising from diesel exhaust and biomass smoke have been shown to contribute significantly to increased morbidity and mortality. Whilst the diesel exhaust particles (DEP) have been characterised, biomass smoke (BMS) particles have not. We aimed to study and compare the characteristics and composition of particles obtained from the burning of biomass, DEP and standard reference materials (SRM) from diesel engines.

BMS particles were collected from a rural kitchen in India by burning wood and animal dung in a standard 3-stone cookstove using a high volume sampler. DEP was collected from a light-duty engine. Scanning electron microscopy was used to assess the size and shape of the particulates. Inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy (ICP-MS) was used to assess the concentration of 52 metals in the particles.

BMS particles were heterogeneous with regards to size, ranging from <1μm to >50μm and existed either as individual particles or as part of much larger aggregates (>100μm). The surface of the BMS particles was not uniform and contained crevice-like areas contributing to an increased surface area. In comparison DEP and SRM aggregates were no larger than 0.5μm with smooth surfaces.

Only 20 metals were present in any of the samples. BMS particles contained high concentrations of Na (7.2mg/g), Mg (10.7mg/g), Al (14.6mg/g) and Fe (17.2mg/g). DEP contained high concentrations of Fe (76.7mg/g) and Cu (18.9mg/g). SRM had low concentrations of all metals analysed (0-1.26mg/g).

In conclusion, characterising BMS particles with regards to their physical attributes and metal composition may help to better understand their immunological effects and their contribution to morbidity and mortality.
Rebecca Holloway, Tankut Guney , Gurpreet Sehra , Andrew Rogers , Fiona Larner , Alex Halliday , Bill Brashier , Sundeep Salvi , Sanjay Juvekar , Peter Barnes , and Louise Donnelly. "Characterisation of biomass particulates from rural India." European Respiratory Journal 44, no. Suppl 58 (2014): 0-0.
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