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Type Journal Article - National Library of medicine
Title Domestic violence and contraceptive use in a rural Indian village
Volume 14
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2008
Page numbers 0-0
URL https://doi.org/10.1177/1077801208323793
This study uses qualitative methods to examine how domestic violence affects the use of contraceptives by women in a rural village in India. The study highlights how multilevel factors are linked to a woman's ability to contracept and make fertility decisions in a context where being a wife implies obedience, limited mobility, sexual availability, and high fertility. The authors find that violence is normalized, or considered acceptable, if women do not adhere to expected gender roles. Although women's ability to make autonomous decisions is shown to be limited, the study explores covert strategies used to avoid pregnancy, which also tend to increase women's risk of experiencing domestic violence.
Lyndsey Wilson-Williams, Rob Stephenson , Sanjay Juvekar , and Karen Andes. "Domestic violence and contraceptive use in a rural Indian village." National Library of medicine (2008).
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